Airbnb Tree Houses For When You Want to Live in the Sky

12 Stunning Airbnb Tree Houses For When You Want to Live in The Sky


Did you have a tree home growing up? Young-me believed it was just cool to watch squirrels and the birds run about. If I was outside of the home, I could avoid doing my chores. Airbnb Treehouse for when you want to live in the sky. Tree House Airbnb!

Homes bring about a feeling of nostalgia for many people, which explains why they’re such a popular type on Airbnb. According to the site, there are over 2,400 tree homes listed all around the country. The world ranging from studios to multi-level suites. No matter which one tickles your fancy, everyone would make an excellent travel destination this summer.

Treehouse Airbnb

Airbnb Treehouse

Tree House Airbnb, Tree House Rentals

Vermont, Upstate New York, Hot Spring

North Carolina, Brazil
Silicon Valley, Hawaiian Volcano

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1- An Incredibly Popular Georgian Getaway

This secluded treehouse in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the very”desired for” Airbnb listings on the planet! It’s only minutes from downtown. However, you will feel as if you’re miles away from civilization. As you relax in the package of three raised chambers by hanging bridge linked. The rental has decor, and you will find currently twinkling lights to get a touch of whimsy.

2- A Rustic Retreat In Vermont

Love lake living? At that point, this charming tree house may be the ideal get-away spot for you. Situated in Coventry, Vermont, the Vermont Tree Cabin watches out over a delightful pond. Which makes it simple to kayak, fish, just the beginning. Additionally, there’s even a hot tub on the deck where you can loosen up at nightfall.

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3- A Chic Treetop Hideaway In North Carolina

In case you’re searching for a comfortable, slick rental where you can conceal away from the world for a couple of days. You’ll love this stone-and-lumber treehouse situated on the 20-section of land Green Omnivore Farm in North Carolina. While you’re there, why not take a class on beekeeping or planting?

4- A Sweet Home With Aspects Of Silicon Valley

If you’re searching for a rental, you’ll adore this treehouse, which is located on the 20-acre Green Omnivore Farm in North Carolina. While you’re there, why don’t you take a class on beekeeping or gardening?

5- A Picturesque Cottage In Brazil

There is a spiral staircase that leads up to the abode–which can be supported by three sycamore trees, and indoors, you will discover everything you need to enjoy a little above-ground”glamping,” including a stove, mini-refrigerator, and bathroom.

6- A Tree House Located At The Base Of A Hawaiian Volcano

Are you feeling adventurous? There’s no better headquarters for a Hawaiian trip about this jungle treehouse, located at the bottom of the active Kilauea Volcano. It’s only minutes from the main gates of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where you can hike through the rainforest and see areas where the volcanoes have erupted be sure they are not active until you venture out there!

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7- A Romantic Escape In The Italian Countryside

It is a perfect honeymoon place if I have ever seen you! The stunning cabin is situated in San Salvatore Monferrato, Italy, plus it includes beautifully minimalistic decor that is both welcoming and posh. However, the best part is undoubtedly the panoramic view of the countryside and, of course, the local wine.

8- A Natural Tree House In Upstate New York

The comfy spot is entirely off the grid, meaning no electricity, no Wi-Fi, and no plumbing. But you’ll have plenty to do as you explore the surrounding land, watch for wildlife, build fires, and reconnect with nature.

9- An Oversized Suite In The Sky

How Can you not fall in love with All the Majestic Tree House? You can bring the entire family or your group of friends to the architecturally stunning Å Auge tree home in Telemark, Norway, that accommodates eight people. Though there’s no electricity, it will still feel like a lap of luxury thanks to the modern design and stunning views of the lake below.

10- A Jungle Home With Hot Spring Access

This rainforest treehouse looks out over Costa Rica’s landscape, and it’s part of the Bio Thermales Natural Hot Springs, which boasts 12 natural springs that are cool and hot. You get 24/7 access perfect for a midnight dip.

11- A Sequoia Tree House Overlooking Wine Country

If you’ve meant to see wine country, you can take in all of its glory out of this tree home in Oregon. There are over 150 wineries within 15 miles of the tree home within walking distance, some are, and you can retire to the treetops in this treehouse, the day after you’ve sipped away. Make sure that you’re prepared to climb the ladder up.

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12- A Modern Riverside House In Norway

You can bring the whole family or your group of friends to the stunning Å Auge treehouse at Telemark, Norway, that accommodates up to eight people. It will still feel like a lap of luxury because of the design and breathtaking views of the river below, Though there’s no power. So go light a flame, cook some supper, and revel in the sounds of nature.

It exudes charm with its ductless window wall decor and swinging rope bed. Imagine having dinner for two among the treetops on the three-deck dining area.

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